Malawi — Paladin Kayelekera Uranium


Paladin Energy’s Kayelekera Uranium Project in North Malawi is the largest foreign investment project in Malawian history. It is also the country’s first uranium mine. The Company has struggled to ease fears about the Project, but it has made extraordinary efforts to ensure that all concretely impacted rights are being addressed. Schools, clinics, housing, and water access have all been significantly improved by the Project, and the vastly improved roads and communications networks – including the area’s first-ever cell phone tower – has contributed to the development of a money economy that was previously inconceivable in the area.

Project efforts to mitigate the impact of HIV in the area exceed the efforts of any other corporation in the country, though work is not comprehensive on that front. The HRIA below was completed before the Company produced an HIV Policy and, despite being in its second year of operations, before the Company had filed a bi-annual environmental monitoring report with the Government of Malawi. These delays are reflected in human rights ratings.

Download the full reports ranging from 2009 to 2013 at the top of the page

Download the 2015 monitoring report at the link below


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