Tullow in Uganda – Human Rights Risks (then and now)

Cover - Tullow HRRA

In 2011 and 2012, NomoGaia conducted preliminary human rights risk analysis of the Tullow Oil Plc petroleum operations in the Albertine Graben of western Uganda. The aim was partly to evaluate the human rights risks of Tullows operations, and partly to see whether an early-stage, short-term evaluation of risks alone, rather than risks and opportunities, for human rights was possible.

What we found was that such an assessment is, indeed, possible, but that such findings could be divisive and incendiary, rather than beneficial.

As a result, we delayed publication of our 2012 findings, allowing Tullow the opportunity to manage risks and report back. We called this tool a Human Rights Risk Assessment (HRRA), and we continue to refine it. Attached here are our original findings (“Tullow Uganda HRRA”), drawn from fieldwork, as well as the result of our dialog with Tullow in 2014 (HRRA Update).

HRRA Update – 2014 Literature and Policy Review

Tullow Uganda HRRA – Drafted 2012 Published 2014

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