What we do


Human rights due diligence is a new concept to many businesses, and corporations seek clarity on what it entails.

NomoGaia builds and tests straightforward tools for corporate human rights due diligence. We publish those tools and the project-level assessments themselves.

The aim is to demonstrate the process of human rights due diligence and track outcomes over time. Where our experiences and findings have relevance beyond the corporate level, we provide input to governments, industry associations, non-government organizations and academic circles.

Completed assessments


Below are human rights impact assessments completed by NomoGaia. Often more than one document is associated with a project, because assessment is an ongoing process, incorporating monitoring and updating over time.

Policy research


Sometimes fieldwork generates findings that extend beyond the project to the policy level, which is complemented with literature review and presented here (and elsewhere) as policy research.

Other research


For a variety of reasons, not all of NomoGaia’s field research culminates in complete human rights impact assessments; the project under assessment may be canceled or the assessment tool may not suit the project. In these cases, we believe experiences are still of value, and this research is presented here.

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